Boost Your Sports Bookie Business with Pay Per Head Software 

Use pay per head software to boost your sports bookie business.

Key Points

– The success of your sports bookie business is directly related to your PPH provider.

– Choosing the right pay per head software is an important decision for a bookie.

Boost Your Sports Bookie Business with Pay Per Head Software

The objective of every business is to expand and make money. Typically, the profit a sports bookie business keeps after deducting all costs determines success. This entails deducting winnings from players and costs associated with the pay per head software that is being used.

After deducting operating expenses, there are a number of variables that can affect how much profit you will keep as a bookie. For instance, if you offer sports betting and another bookie also offers sports betting, casino games, and horse racing wagers, the latter will probably make more money than you do.

The second bookmaker can increase his weekly handle through a variety of channels. This bookmaker will continue to make a lot more money than you if he incurs no additional costs to operate a casino and racebook.

This is why the choice of pay per head provider is so vital. PPH software has changed the sports betting industry. If you want to take your sports bookie business to another level, you have to have the right PPH service.


The Value of Pay Per Head Software

Before you decide on a pay per head provider, you need to understand how it will provide value to your business. 

The best PPH companies in the industry use a proprietary software solution that manages your online bookie business. A sports betting platform, player management tools, payment solution, action tracker, layoff account, and customer support are all included in this package. 

Bookies also have the opportunity to request additional features like a customized website, live betting, a casino, and/or a racebook. Realizing the value of your money is made easier by understanding what you are purchasing. New bookies frequently choose inexpensive PPH software.

You Get What You Pay For

If you have ever heard this statement, it rings true in the pay per head industry. You will get what you pay for. The going rate in the industry is typically around $10 per active player per week. If you have 10 active players, you pay $100 for the week. It’s that simple.

There are PPH services, however, that will charge $3 or $4 per head. Bookies should be careful because these low-cost options typically don’t include many of the things that the best PPH companies provide as standard. 

Your sports bookie business will suffer without professional oddsmakers, live betting, or a competent customer service call center. 

Before spending your money, you should research the details of any pay per head service you are considering. Don’t forget, all the best names in the industry offer a free trial and a video demo to help you comprehend how the software works. 

Using PPH Software to Improve Your Sports Bookie Business

There are a number of ways to increase the profits of your sports bookie business. Of course, you can run a full-service sportsbook.

Today’s savvy sports bettor wants a one-stop platform for all of his needs. Today’s bettor prefers a platform that unifies sports betting, casinos, and racebooks rather than having to open separate accounts for each. It makes it much easier for bettors. 

The best pay per head services combine these platforms so that your sports bookie business can offer them together in one single platform. Sportsbook software has evolved and it now allows you to compete with all of the major sportsbooks in the industry.

The advantage of expanding your sports betting platform to include a racebook and a casino is that you can raise revenue without necessarily raising pay per player costs. You get the most out of your PPH sportsbook services when you raise your weekly betting handle without growing your active betting base. 

For example, with 10 active players you have a weekly betting handle of $1,000. When you add casino games and a racebook, your handle increases to $1,100 with the same 10 active players. Those 10 players decided to utilize your add-on services. 

Additionally, having betting platforms that draw customers all year is beneficial for your sports bookie business. In the summer, for example, the amount of sports betting activity is less than in the fall and winter. Gamblers will still partake in casino games and horse racing. This fills the cyclical gaps in the sports betting industry. Ultimately, it will have an impact on net profit and/or overall cash flow.

Choose the Best Clientele

One of your highest weekly expenses as a private bookie is the PPH fees. Maximizing your profits, however, shouldn’t be a problem if you are utilizing the best pay per head software provider.

Selecting the right clientele will enable you to quickly increase your weekly fee. You can build a profitable betting clientele while increasing your handle per player with the aid of your pay per head service provider. 

You can find 100 loyal customers that bet $1,000 a week instead of trying to land 10,000 customers that only bet $100 a week. Either way, you can still make a great profit. If your hold percentage was 7.5%, you would receive $7,500 each week. 

Eliminate Unnecessary Risk in Your Sports Bookie Business

Several factors could reduce your earnings. These include allowing limitless betting, having unpaid debts, and working with pay-per-head companies that are just aren’t right for your company.

All of these risks can be eliminated, allowing you to resume making money. First, you must assess your sportsbook’s performance by looking at the daily or weekly betting activity. This will tell you how much you have paid out in players’ winnings.

Setting credit and betting limits for each player in accordance with how much they wager on your platform and how often they win is another thing you must do. Having limits reduces the likelihood of suffering significant financial losses.

A layoff account is another way to reduce risk. If you win, you can use this account to place bets and use the winnings to pay customers who have placed bets on your website.

Increase Revenue with PPH Services

By gaining a sizable handle each week, you can expand your sports bookie business with the help of quality pay per head software. 

Your choice of PPH service will help you increase profits in a number of ways. One of the easiest is simply adding other revenue streams like a racebook, poker, and casino gaming. 

If your pay per head software is not allowing you to grow and increase profits, it’s time for a change. There are plenty of outstanding services in the industry that can help you reach your goals.