Where Can I Find the Best Pay Per Head Site for The 2017 Kentucky Derby?

One of the biggest Internet sports betting events of the year is the Kentucky Derby for three-year old thoroughbred horses and with the right Pay Per Head site by your side as an independent bookmaker, you can create year-round profits for your entire Internet sports betting operation through the addition of an expanded racebook for horses. Our great PPH providers have been helping private bookies like yourself successfully run and manage your own sportsbook, racebook and online white label casino for well over 15 years and they are here to help you take full advantage of another big season of betting on the ponies.

1-The Best Sportsbook Management Solutions Providers

There are a number of price per head services offering online bookie software packages these days, but be careful not to lump them all together as being the same. our great providers have made a substantial investment in time, money and manpower over all these years to develop the proper sportsbook software solutions needed to build a profitable private bookie business that can provide a highly lucrative return over the long haul. From the moment you join one of our service providers you will quickly come to realize that your bookie business is in the best hands possible when it comes to online gambling software solutions.

2-Multiple Streams of Income from TheirBookie Software Applications

Not only will you have quick and easy access to all the business tools you need to run and manage your own sportsbook, you will be aligned with a PPH service that can help you create multiple streams of revenue that can enhance the bottom-line profitability of your entire bookmaking operation. By getting on board now, you will have an established racebook in place when the Triple Crown racing season starts up in early May with the running of the 2017 Kentucky Derby.

3-A Customized Website that Projects a Highly Professional Online Presence

One of the biggest benefits of making that call to join this great PPH services as your online gambling software provider is a customized company website at no extra cost other than the low, weekly price per head service fee you pay for just your active betting customers. This is the quickest and most cost-effective way to create a highly professional online presence that is sure to become your best marketing tool for growing and expanding your customer base for both sports betting and wagering on the horses.