Baseball Predictions For 2019

This winter, the Philadelphia Phillies were one of the most aggressive teams in free agency. They finished 80-82 this season, a 14-game improvement from the previous year! The Phillies also signed the legendary 5-tool player Bryce Harper to a $330 million dollar contract, one of the most expensive North American sports contracts in history. With big acquisitions come big expectations, so will Philadelphia be able to stand their ground this year?


What’s The Strongest Team Look Like?

The Houston Astros, New York Yankees, and last year’s World Series Championship team, the Boston Red Sox, are some of the American League’s top picks for the 2019 season. Los Angeles, Atlanta, and even the Cardinals are looking strong for this year’s National League. You might be thinking, “why would the Phillies pay hundreds of millions of dollars for Bryce Harper if he isn’t going to make Philadelphia the number one team?” and you’re right for thinking that. When Harper was added to Philadelphia’s roster, World Series odds went from 18-1 to 12-1 while their win total has gone up by three. Bryce, having been voted MLB’s “most overrated player” for two years in a row, ultimately had around the same batting average as Jackie Bradley Jr (who would be lucky to receive a 10-year, $80M contract compared to Harper’s $330M).


Why Bet In The MLB?

There are the seemingly-infinite opportunities to make history with incredible plays, the constant trading of players between teams, and even injuries that can affect MLB score predictions and betting odds. Unlike sports such as soccer and basketball that rely mostly on scored points and won games, baseball is an almost mathematical experience. There are RBIs, batting averages, hits, outs, strike outs, fielding, and more to consider when trying to consolidate all the data you need to calculate your baseball betting picks.


Where Can I Find MLB Best Bets?

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