Add a Pay Per Head Racebook at No Added Cost

Your pay per head racebook will put you ahead of most private bookmakers.

Add Wagering Variety With PPH Services

As a private sports bookie, your weekly handle is impacted by the overall sports betting calendar. Football season is the busiest time of the year with both college and professional basketball next on the list.

Hockey can be a big betting sport especially during the Stanley Cup Playoffs. As well as MLB daily games filling in the summer time void as the slowest sports betting months on the calendar.

Working with a quality pay per head bookie services provider. Check out our list of PPH reviews to see some we trust.

You can make the most of every big sports betting event by building out your board with multiple betting markets. By increasing your weekly sports betting handle and the hold on that added value. You can directly impact the profit taken in.

Pay Per Head Racebook Action

As an added bonus to making money as an independent sports bookie agent. You can also offer betting action on horse racing to create an extra stream of revenue. Most of the top-rated pay per head sites in today’s marketplace will include an online racebook option at no extra cost.

Even if you only offer horse betting for the biggest stakes race of the year, operating your own online racebook makes good business sense. The right PPH service gives you the necessary tools to level the playing field against the big commercial sportsbooks when it comes to building out your sports betting board.

Through the use of sophisticated horse racing gaming software. You can also keep the playing field completely level when it comes to betting on the daily card at tracks all across North America and around the world.

Horse races from around the world

When the biggest races of the year roll around such as the annual Kentucky Derby. You will be able to meet and exceed all of the betting needs of your active player base. Why leave money on the table when it comes to taking in action on horse racing’s biggest betting events?

Turnkey Pay Per Head Racebook

The beauty of running and managing your own PPH online racebook is the same turnkey nature of the gaming software solutions involved. Everything you need to recreate the same betting experience at the track is included in your online racebook.

Bettors can tap into live track odds. All while gaining easy access to all the available horse betting markets. In the same way that you control the sports betting action at your own sportsbook. You will always have complete control over the betting board at your racebook.

The best way to maximize the value in your weekly pay per head bookie solutions fees is by taking full advantage of everything offered. This is especially true if there is no added cost to take in action on horse racing. 

Even with low weekly pay per head fees in place. The money you pay out for a quality bookie software solutions provider remains one of the biggest costs of doing business. Running and managing your own online racebook gives you the ability to increase your weekly handle. You can hold on that added volume without having to necessarily increase your active betting base.

If you can get you weekly sports bettors to add a few bets a week on horse races, your profit goes up while your pay per head fees remain the same. If we are talking about the Kentucky Derby, you can really clean up on the added action.