5 Tips for Choosing a PPH Service

These 5 tips for choosing a PPH service are vital to a bookie’s career.

Key Points

– Choosing a pay per head service is an important decision for bookies.

– Following a few simple steps can help any bookie choose the right PPH service.

Tips for Choosing a PPH

The modern bookie will make one decision that can make or break his career. That decision would be the choice of pay per head service that will essentially operate the bookie’s sportsbook.

It’s an important decision and it’s not an easy one to make. The sports betting industry is growing by leaps and bounds and will continue to do so for the next several years. As a result, the number of pay per head providers has increased substantially. 

With so many PPH services out there, how does a bookie pick one? Before making such a huge decision, here are 5 tips for choosing a PPH service.

Do Your Research

This is a major purchase that can affect how well – or poorly – one’s sportsbook will do. It requires some research to get the choice right. 

With the way that sports betting is growing around the world, more pay per head providers are popping up in the industry. There are numerous PPH services that have the latest bells and whistles. What they lack is industry experience.

Today’s bookie needs a service that will manage his business while the bookie goes out and grows his sportsbook. To begin the process, a bookie should immediately consider the things that are most important.

There may be certain requirements that a bookie must have. There might be a certain payment or withdrawal method that a bookie wants to have. This might eliminate several PPH providers from the list.

The bottom line is to find those services that will be the best fit for your operation. Do the research and find those pay per head companies that meet your criteria. It’s a great starting point.

Tips for Choosing a PPH Service – Experience

If you wanted someone to build your new home, it’s probably a given that you would hire the experienced builder over the guy who would be building his first house. Yes, there may be some good PPH providers that are new, but experience tops everything.

Companies that have been in business the longest must be doing something right. Find out how long a service has been in business. The company should be run by industry professionals that have lots of experience. 

As you narrow down the field of choices, you probably want pay per head services that have a track record of success with other sportsbooks in the industry. You can even ask those other sportsbooks for insight as to why you should choose a certain company.

Extra Services

The great thing about a pay per head provider is the extra services it offers to bookies. These extras are what help save the modern bookie so much time. The best in the industry will offer customers things like easy deposit and withdrawal methods, multi-language features, a 24/7 customer service call center, and even more.

The top PPH services in the industry will add features like casino gaming and even a racebook where bettors can hit the ponies. While a given bookie’s sportsbook might not be ready for those extras, they are nice to have for the future. At some point a bookie may be able to take advantage of those extra features and increase their overall revenue.

The Reporting System

Another of the more beneficial features of a pay per head service is the reporting system. The software that runs a sportsbook collects all sorts of data. This data can be tabulated, categorized, and then put into a number of different reports. Bookies can use these reports to make their operations more efficient and more profitable. 

Bookies should know that PPH software produces a wide variety of daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual reports that reveal a number of factors. The information produced in these reports can help the modern bookie grow his business.

Essentially everything is measured. A bookie will never know how to improve something that isn’t measured. When choosing a pay per head, it is imperative that it offers the ability to produce the reports that bookies want the most. 


User Experience

Your choice of pay per head will include the software that drives your entire operation. Part of that is your website. That is where bettors will interact with your sportsbook the most. 

Since that is where bettors will go most often, it has to be a great experience. The user experience has to be one that is seamless. The website is easy to navigate. Deposits are simple as are withdrawals. 

Anything that makes it difficult on a customer should be eliminated. It’s the user experience that will drive bettors back for more time and time again. Everything has to be on point.

Bookies can always get a feel for pay per head software by using it in demo mode and/or taking advantage of a free trial. Most of the better PPH providers in the industry have a demo mode that bookies can use to see what the software is like.

Along with the demo, most of the top companies will offer a free trial of their services. On average, a bookie can get two to four weeks of operation for free. This allows the bookie to see how the software works over a short period of time. The free trial is the last step in the process and helps the bookie make a final decision.

A choice like this cannot be left to chance. Do your research, look for experience, check the extra services and the reporting system, and make sure the reporting system is in place. Take advantage of the free trials and make your decision. Your career as a bookie hangs in the balance.