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Best american knowledgeable customer service in industry

At Premier Per Head our Pay Per Head customer service is handled by Americans

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Bookie Software | State of the Art Pay Per Head Sportsbook Management Solutions

Bookie Software | State of the Art Pay Per Head Sportsbook Management Solutions The

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Fastest and sharpest lines in the pay per head industry

Fastest and sharpest lines in the pay per head industry Fastest and sharpest lines

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Extensive Pay Per Head live betting offering

Extensive Pay Per Head live betting offering Live betting is here to stay. It

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Pay Per Head sharp monitoring that gives you the edge

Pay Per Head sharp monitoring that gives you the edge Pay Per Head sharp

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Move your own Pay Per Head lines, and change your offering

Move your own Pay Per Head lines, and change your offering Move your own

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Pay Per Head Welcome to the #1 Sportsbook Solution Provider

We are in the 21st Century, and for purposes of our conversation, that means we are in the age of Pay Per Head. And that, in turn, means that it is the age of Premier PPH. We’ll be happy to tell you all about it. And you’ll be happy to hear it, we assure you.

Industries change over time, and the sports betting industry is no different. These days, it is imperative to be as “lean and mean” as possible, because if you’re not, your competitors certainly WILL be. And if you are an independent sports betting service operator; i.e., a bookmaker with a local or regional clientele or an agent handling clients, you are going to be in danger of losing some of that clientele to offshore sportsbooks and their online bookmaker services more efficient, automated mode of operation.

Best Price Per Head Online Bookie Software For Local Bookmakers

But if you have the same level of design and technology going for YOU, chances are you’re going to make those cherished personal relationships you have with clients even stronger.

That’s the magic of Pay Per Head (PPH), which gives your customers access to everything that can possibly be offered by an offshore sportsbook, with a price that is so reasonable that you couldn’t possibly say no.

And guess what – NOBODY does PPH quite like the folks at Premier Pay Per Head, because you simply can’t beat the level of professionalism, the spirit of service and the great product they have to offer.
No matter how big or small your operation is, it will function better with Pay Per Head sportsbook software. And Premier can guarantee you one thing for certain – that you are going to look like a multi-million-dollar enterprise, simply because you will have all the resources of one behind you. And when you do that, you will wind up seeing two things above all else:

(1) Increased revenues
(2) Reduced costs

When you utilize Premier Pay Per Head, you pay only a small fee for each player who actually uses the sports bookie software to place wagers. So you are only paying based on the people you are already making money from. What could be any better than that?

Head sportsbook software

You will have the opportunity to save a lot of time and effort, because with that one price you get an entire staff of professionals at your disposal. Make sure you visit our friends at www.onlineblingo.com and www.PlaySlots4RealMoney.com.

Take a look at what you’ll be able to offer your Pay Per Head online Sportsbook customers:


* Round-the-clock access to a customized Pay Per Head sports betting website, with a user-friendly interface, just like the great online sportsbooks and Price Per Head Offshore Racebooks of the world – all built to your particular taste by Premier PPH.

Pay Per Head Racebook

* A call center, staffed by sports betting professionals who speak English as a first language, who can personally handle wagers from your clientele, with complete documentation.

* A larger menu of sports betting options than you could ever make available to players in your conventional “office” setting that has suddenly become obsolete.

Price Per Head

* More great products, such as racebook betting (for all thoroughbred tracks in North America) and casino gaming (with a fully-stocked arsenal of games), so that your players don’t have to venture elsewhere to enjoy those things. They can get all of it with the Pay Per Head software.

* Live in-game sports betting, which adds an exciting element for your customers because the wagering does not have to stop once the event begins. This means more revenue.

* Access to a live dealer casino, which allows your customers to play blackjack, baccarat and roulette against actual dealers, in an actual location, through a real-time video feed, right there on your customized website provided by Premier Pay Per Head.

* The ability to make sports, racing and casino wagers right over their mobile device, so that your players can take your services with them wherever they go. This is accessible for Android, iPhone and tablets, so you are always within reach for them. Again, this spells increased revenue.

* Better customer support than they’ve ever had before.

In other words, you are offering the ultimate PPH Online Sportsbook Solution customer experience.

And this is what you get when you work with Premier PPH and their Pay Per Head Sportsbook sports bookie software:

* Impeccable reports on all your clients.


* The ability to set parameters on each customer individually.

sports bookie software

* Real-time odds, on a 24/7 basis, from the top oddsmaking service on the planet.

* The flexibility to set your own lines, adjustable according to the wagers you are taking.

* The capability to offer or preclude any products or wagering options as you see fit.

* A superior back-end that always keeps you up and running. There is no “down time” when you work with Premier Pay Per Head for your sports betting software needs.

* 24-hour customer service, available to address any problem you have.

Of course, the outcome is that you are going to have more of a chance to build your business and the relationships you have with your valued customers.

The people minding the store at Premier Pay Per Head have many years in the sports betting industry, and a strong motivation to help your business grow. They also have a pricing plan that is just right for you.

Pay Per Head

Contact them today for information on a free trial, so you can see how it all works. Believe us when we tell you – it’ll be the most profitable contact you ever made.